I get it, it's a hard word to spell and to say but if you're going to make a list of the top US City Names You're Pronouncing Wrong and educating people on how to pronounce it properly, you better get it right.

Thrillist put together a list of 20 US Cities that people always pronounce incorrectly. For example, Lafayette in Louisiana isn't Lah-FEY-et, it's Laff-EE-yet. Boise in Idaho isn't BOY-zee, it's BOY-see. I wasn't really surprised to see a city from the Capital Region on the list but it was my city and they pronounced it wrong!

Schenectady's City Hall
Schenectady's City Hall - Google Street View

I'm a born and raised Schenectadian and according to this list, #12 Schenectady, NY is wrongly pronounced See-NEK-ta-dee (also, find me someone who pronounces it like that because they don't exist) and correctly pronounced Ski-NEK-ta-dee, except it's not. Unless I've been pronouncing my own city wrong for 28 years, it's Skuh-NEK-ta-dee. If you're going to add a city to that kind of list, maybe you should double check with some people that live there? I know that's not the only city around here whose name gets butchered, which do you hear incorrectly the most?

At least I did learn that the name of my city came from the Mohawk tribe of the Iroquois who called it "Schau-naugh-ta-da," which means "over the pine plains." Kudos, Thrillist, that's pretty interesting.

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