Wow, tomorrow morning is a bit supercharged with great prizes! I love it. Not only will you have a chance at pit passes for the Zac Brown Band at SPAC, but we also JUST got word that we will have great seats, UP FRONT to Jay Leno to give away as well.

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Listen we all know Jay Leno is a great entertainer and a very funny comedian, who wouldn't want to be up front  for his show at Proctors on a Friday night?

Well, most everyone so I have to make this contest just a little bit hard tomorrow but if you are tuned in exactly when I tell you to , it actually will be pretty easy.

To win the Jay Leno  tickets you will have to be tuned in at 6:20 am, 7:20 am and 8:20 am. Each of those hours at that time I will give you one number in the three number combination to the WGNA safe. If you are the right caller and know the numbers to open that safe at 8:30, you will WIN!

So it's simple but you do have to put just a little bit of work into it. Let's be honest though... you were going to be listening anyway right? :) So again, make sure you are tuned in at 6:20, 7:20 and 8:20 and you will know the combination to the safe!

Tickets for the show are still available by the way at through