Christmas is coming and the big guy will make his way all around the world in just one night. Here's how you can track Santa Claus Christmas eve. The Santa tracker is a cool interactive website created by The North American Aerospace Defense Command also know as NORAD. The website will begin tracking Santa's trip around the world on Sunday December 24th. In the meantime, there is so much to do on the website. You can enjoy Christmas music, there is information about Santa's reindeer and his sleigh, fun facts about NORAD and their technology, and of course Santa's route.

They say, though, that only Santa Claus knows the route he will take, and you won't know when he will exactly be at your house. They say it's because if the kids are still awake, he will have to go back another time. So make sure you are sleeping when you should be!

The cameras on the website will be active and start showing Santa's travel route just after midnight on December 24th.

Click HERE to check out the website and get ready to track Santa Claus Christmas eve.

The NORAD tracker is available on Apple, Android, and Windows phone as well as online.

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