WGNA is the only station giving you chances to MEET Luke Bryan this Sunday at SPAC! And there are quite a few ways we are going to make that possible for you. This one may just be the one that gets YOU backstage to meet Luke, especially if you are a fun outgoing, talkative kind of person. 

This Sunday at the show, WGNA will have a "WGNA Backstage Pass Person" there with meet-and-greets for Luke Bryan in his pocket! All you have to do is ask.... and they are yours! Sounds simple right? Well it is, the only hard part is we will not be telling you WHO the "WGNA Backstage Pass Person" is.

I am going to give this mystery person the backstage passes and instruct them to give them to the first person who comes up to them, looks them in the eye and says, "Hey are you the WGNA backstage pass person?" That is what you have to say, and you have to say exactly that!

Once again, you have to look them in the eye and say, "Hey, are you the WGNA backstage pass person?" and the passes are yours! I love it.

This mystery person can be male, female, someone who works for the station, someone who works at another station, just another fan at the show, someone young, someone old, ANYONE! To be perfectly honest with you , I'm not even sure who it will be yet.

I will tell you this, yes it is Richie that I have blacked out of the picture above. That does NOT mean Richie is the "WGNA backstage Pass Person."

So we will see you Sunday night at the Luke Bryan show and now you have a great excuse to meet some new people and hopefully one of them will be Luke Bryan himself.



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