This morning I went and bought 107.7 dollars worth of Powerball tickets and wanted to share the experience with some of our listeners and you guys loved it! Thank you so much to EVERYONE who worked hard to get into the Powerball Pool today , we had so much fun getting people qualified and the phones were jammed ALL morning. Unfortunately not everyone could get into the pool because we wanted to keep it to 25 people so that if we do actually win the big jackpot there will still be some very big pay offs to everyone in the pool.

Photo: Bethany Linderman
Photo: Bethany Linderman

So here we go the pool will consist of 10 people who got through on the phone lines this morning, 10 random people who shared our Facebook post this morning and 5 WGNA staff members including myself because well, I bought the dang tickets.

A whole lot of people tried all morning to get through on the phone to be one of the lucky 10 and get in the pool and these lucky 10 got through. Congratulations to:

Patrice Oaks    Patricia Allison

Cheryl Valentti   Denielle Hunter

Sherry Thompson  Glenn Hotaling

Kathy McDarby   Kathy Hillard

Nancy Bombard    Nicole Lowery

Now well over 600 people shared our Facebook post and these 10 people were chosen at random to be in the pool. Congratulations to:

Jody DeMarco   Margaret Evon- Laier

Ben Hallenbeck   Vinni Jean

Craig Cooper   Kris Henkel

Jan Finn   Jason Wayman

Erin Coon   Cathy Dober

And These 5 WGNA staffers are in the pool because well like I said before... I bought the tickets :)

Sean McMaster

Bethany Linderman

Richie Phillips

Matty Jeff

Steve Richards

Remember even if we only win $1.00 that is 4 cents a piece! Good Luck To everyone Tomorrow night!


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