It’s a HEAT WAVE!  Lower you energy usage!!

Other than try to stay cool, and keep your pets cool too, you have no worries…right?

Well, you just might! How about no power at all?  With these record high temperatures, National Grid is asking residents in upstate NY to lower energy usage so they can control the demand on the energy grid and maintain reliability!

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In the past, businesses have closed, state workers have been sent home, State Parks have offered FREE admission to parks, all in an effort to relieve pressure on the grid. With this heat wave not expected to be over for a couple days, maybe it will be a “heat day” tomorrow for us adults!!  Fingers crossed!

But for today, to help maintain stability on the grid, you are being asked to reduce your energy usage.  Things you can do to help include:

Turn off lights during the day

Do not cook or do laundry during the day

Unplug all electronics you are not using, even if they are off (they are still using power being plugged in)

Lower your air conditioners…gasp…in 95 degree weather?  Really?  Use fans!

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It looks to me like it’s either help them out or risk losing power all together if there is too much demand for the grid!

Maybe turning some things off or avoiding high energy usage activity isn’t such a bad idea, it could save you some money too!

Will you help them out and lower your energy usage?  I will, I like my air conditioner ON!