I know this isn't your typical blog but there was a news article that really touched me over the weekend.  

I'm very familiar with the "Michaels Group".  I mean that in both a business and personal sense.    There's the Michaels Group -meaning the company itself, perhaps the most respected home construction firm in the Capital Region, and the Michaels Group itself, meaning the family!

On the personal side, I have has the distinct pleasure of providing entertainment for them over the years, including a tribute to the late Jim Michaels when he retired.  Of course by doing these events,  I've had the equal honor of meeting almost everyone many times.

photo by Richie Phillips


When I picked up the Post Star newspaper and saw the news of this horrible tragedy on Lake George involving co-owner John, my jaw dropped along with everyone else in this area, I'm sure.

I know I can speak for everyone here at the Sean and Richie Show  and elsewhere by offering my heartfelt and sincere condolences for their incredibly unfortunate loss.