I didn't enjoy many s'mores this summer outside as I would have liked, so it was a pleasant surprise when this amazing invention was delivered to our house. We now have an indoor s'more maker and it's amazing. I would have never guessed that someone would invent an indoor s'mores maker and I have to admit, I'm mad I didn't come up with the idea. Not only is it awesome, it is simple to use and very affordable. It is basically a burner in the middle surrounded by compartments to put your chocolate, marshmallows and graham cracker squares. The drawback is it only comes with two skewers.

It was very convenient to put the s'mores maker right on the counter, plug it in and start making s'mores. I was pleasantly surprised that my marshmallow cooked exactly like I like it. It was golden brown all the way around. I cheated and heated my chocolate just for a few seconds in the microwave and created the perfect s'more.

chrissy, townsquare media

Here's where you can buy your very own s'mores maker. Click HERE. You will thank me when you get this beauty. I never knew I needed one.