A Capital Region neighborhood is on high alert after a man was caught on surveillance breaking into cars. Police are asking for your help to identify the suspect who has stolen money, cell phones and computers from various vehicles.

A few different neighborhoods in Niskayuna have been on alert for the past two weeks. They have been a target of several car break-ins. Police say this is one of the most common crimes.

Police obtained a surveillance video from a neighbor's camera of the man approaching several vehicles and gaining access. It appears that he does not break-in. He tries the handles of the doors, they open right up and he simply goes inside and takes what he wants. For the most part, he takes, cash, loose change, cell phones and other valuables left in the unlocked vehicle.

Residents are urged to lock their vehicles even if they are in their driveways. If you have any information, contact the police at 518-630-0911.

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