I'm sure you get calls all of the time from numbers you don't know. Now, a new scam is going around where someone is pretending to be from the FBI! Before you give out your information, this is what it looks like.

One of the writers for HelloGiggles got the call and wrote out the transcript of how the call went and it may seem legitimate at first.

Apparently, these people don't just call once, this number called five times in a row, which is why the person eventually answered. If you type the number into Google, a local police station comes up. According to reports, the person on the other end of the phone knew her name and addressed her specifically to tell her that she's under investigation and could be arrested. They eventually hung up after she pressed for more information.

The real New York Police Department didn't have any answers but "spoofing" tends to be a common practice. (Remember how we talked about the phone numbers that look like yours?) Remember, “The FBI does not call private citizens threatening arrest or requesting money.” This isn't just a weird text you can just ignore, if they know your name and the number comes up at the police, I could totally understand helping with whatever they need, but be careful

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