Last night, we investigated all of Cohoes to see if anything is haunting the area. Both the Cohoes Music Hall and Cohoes City Hall have known to be haunted, we (with the team from NNYPRS) decided to see for ourselves.

In 2009, Brian & Chrissy came to Cohoes Music Hall and found Eva Tanguay, a vaudeville singer from the early 1900s. Our goal this time was to maybe find her again. First, Mayor Shawn Morse brought us around Cohoes City Hall. We heard about the story of a man who apparently fell through an old skylight to his death in the 1970s. They've since replaced the ceiling and repainted but the paint continuously peels in one spot.

At the Cohoes Music Hall, we used an app to hear a woman's voice say "Seat 9" and "Stage Right" in other frequencies. Hannah from the Music Hall and some of the people from NNYPRS heard a piano key being played..take a listen and see what we found!

Thank you to Mayor Shawn Morse, Hannah from Cohoes Music Hall & NNYPRS for all of their help! Until next year!

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