In honor of my favorite movie franchise, I wish you a very happy "Star Wars Day."

I can't remember when this day started to be a unofficial holiday for the lovers of Star Wars but it just seems meant to be. It's May 4th. The observation has nothing to do with when the movie was released or the director's birthday or even a date that meant something in any of the films, it simply sounds like, "May the force be with you". I love it.

I thought we could kick off this fine day with some memories of the series in fact, the top 10 Star Wars moments of all time, as according to

You may disagree on all accounts and have your very own top 10 but honestly , any excuse to watch some of the best scenes and get some interesting commentary with them works for me.

Enjoy the clips and if there is one you think is missing, let me know! I know everyone has their own personal favorites.