It's a new twist on dinner and a movie: eating your meal while you watch!

More food options have become more popular at movie theaters over the years, but this experience takes it a step further.

New York Upstate is reporting Albany's Madison Theatre on Madison Avenue will re-open this Thursday as an eat while you view movie destination. The theater has been undergoing renovations the last two years, and will feature food service, a bar and four theaters. NYUP posted their menu which includes 'Yoda TV Dinners,' pizza, burgers, sandwiches and more will be available for viewers to eat while they take in a movie.

When I lived in New England for a spell, these types of theaters were very popular. Especially with a group of people, they really make getting out for dinner and a movie a much simpler. One destination for both makes all the difference! Plus, it really does create a unique viewing experience.

For their opening Thursday, the Madison will be showing the new Star Wars movie plus they will hold a special block party featuring live Country music Skeeter Creek that will kick off at 4pm.

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