Hannaford Supermarkets issued a recall on Sunday after it was learned that an employee of a pizza company based in Maine stuffed razor blades into the crust of pizza sold at 184 of its supermarkets, including stores here in the Capital Region.  While the product is no longer on store shelves, consumers may have purchased it between August 1st and October 11th and Hannaford is offering a full refund.

The razor blades were found in Portland Pie products and put there by an employee named Nicholas Mitchell who is a former employee of the Saco, Maine pizza company according to Bangor Daily News.  According to the source, a customer in Maine found the blade in their pizza dough and that's when an investigation led to the arrest of Mitchell.

Mitchell, according to police was seen on surveillance tampering with the packaging of the Portland Pie's and while it's not known how many pies were affected, Hannaford Supermarkets removed all products from their shelves and are offering a refund if you return it.

Portland Pies are traditionally sold near the deli of Hannaford Supermarkets. After a search for the man responsible, on Sunday afternoon the Saco, ME police department posted on their Facebook page that they "located Nicholas Mitchell and took him into custody on the outstanding warrant for his arrest in the Hannaford's Portland Pie pizza dough razor blade case."

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