The town of Halfmoon will finally receive the required funding to start a two point eight million dollar project that will benefit their residents. Just recently the Halfmoon Town Board said yes to nearly ninety thousand dollars to begin a public community center in the town park. According to the Daily Gazette, New York state will pay for the bulk of the project. It has given Halfmoon a two million dollar Municipal Facilities and State grant.

The grant will cover the majority of the expenses to build a new community center that will include a fifty-eight hundred square foot gymnasium and a forty-six hundred square foot space for other use. It will also house storage and offices for the Halfmoon town recreation department. The town will also use eight hundred thousand dollars in reserve funds to make up the rest of the project.

The new gym will have a variety of activities and sports including basketball and dodgeball. It will be built in the town park. The next step of the project will be to design the center. Once the designs are approved, the hope is that the project will be completed in two years or sooner. It will depend on how quickly the bidding process goes.

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