The Reading, Writing and Rhyming Tour continues to be the highlight of my week here at the station.  It's such a rewarding experience getting out there to work with kids from all over the area.   This visit was no exception!



rrr griswold heights around the piano

I was invited by Dr. Phil Fusco from the Academy of Character Education at Russell Sage to work with him to create a song as a culmination of their summer program at the community center at Griswold Heights in Troy.  We had a group of talented kids ready to write and sing!

They were very interested in Michael Jackson songs - "Billie Jean" in particular - , so we created a short parody  of this great hit, with the purpose of showing everyone how important it is to work together, be nice to each other, and generally be respectful.  (Don't you wish we could teach this to the Congress right now?)   Anyway, here's the song they came up with.

They were awesome, and I appreciate being invited to help out.  Special shout out to the staff there who do an unbelievable job.!






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