On behalf of everyone here at 'GNA and really the entire Capital Region, I'd like to welcome 'Capitol Melts’ Grilled Cheese Café to Wellington Row in Albany!

Yes!  This is exactly what we need!  A grilled cheese only restaurant downtown!

Capitol  Melts will be open Monday through Friday for breakfast and lunch, the menu features gourmet grilled cheese melts, salads, pizza, and desserts.

Capitol Melts serves up a twist on the classic grilled cheese with 15 unique varieties including Maple Sunrise, Glazed Donut Sliders, Red Pepper Pesto & Spinach, Chipotle Habanero, Mac & Cheese, and Wingless Buffalo!

They'll use premium ingredients sourced locally as often as possible.  And, there is no grease or frying at Capitol Melts.  Instead of grilling them, sandwiches are cooked in a high-tech oven.

Is your mouth watering?  'Cause mine is!

Next time I'm down town for lunch, this is definitely where you'll catch me!

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