20 years ago I might have gone kicking and screaming to something like this.  But I now realize that it's something for EVERYONE to see.  The Half Moon (or Halve Maen in Dutch).  What a great photo opp!

This is a full sized "dead ringer" of  the ship that Henry Hudson came to our country on in the 1600's.  He ended up starting a huge trading colony that came right up here through our very own area, the Hudson Valley.

Technically (although you can "Wikipedia" it to make sure), the ship that this is a copycat of was the first one to ever come up the river-the Hudson River-or I should say the body of water that ended up being renamed the Hudson River after Hank himself!




(It doesn't look this old.  I was just messing with an effect on my camera!)  The ship is really very colorful- about 100 feet long with an 85 foot deck.  Back then there were almost 20 crewmen on board (must have been cramped-you have to see it to understand what I mean)  This is now a traveling museum, and it beats any textbook your kid will ever read on the subject, to be sure.  They also feature Dockside discovery, teacher training sessions and curricula for the 4th and 7th grades with lessons in history, sicence and math.




















This man was fascinating to watch.  I have no clue what he was repairing or making.  If you go there, can you please ask him and let me know?


It's located It's definitely worth seeing.  If interested, check out their Halfmoon.mus.ny.us website.  It's located in the Port of Albany.  Check the website for visiting hours.  We went today (Saturday) and it was open with no wait to get on the ship.   Their phone number is 443-1609 (clever!)      Enjoy!

What things in downtown Albany have you always wanted to see but never got around to it?