It's always a thrill to see someone implement a dream they have for a new business.  You have to give people credit for trying something new!  And these guys are doing it - Move That

It all starts with an idea and $50.00, according to Pat Gray  and Todd Drowlette - two Siena graduates. You can read the rest of the story at the website, but it's a cool one.

Move That

According to the article, it's a "one stop shop for life's essential needs, like housing, relationships and JOBS!".  Could be a real good thing given what's going on with the economy and state job cuts right now

We were all shocked when the actual star of the show walked into the studio this morning - THE BLOCK!

move that block block

That impressed me the most.  These guys put alot of effort into this little idea, and we're saluting that effort here with our blog.  I won't keep blabbing on here or I'll be accused of having a vested interest in the company, (and I don't)  but it makes me think once again, as we get close to this 4th of July, that this country was founded upon the idea of innovation.  We have so many people in the press knocking the U.S. right now - constantly mentioning how we have fallen behind in so many areas.  Well, this is an example of how great our nation still is.  You can have an idea that might be insane to one person, but with determination and the right timing,  you too can become the next billionaire.


So great job, guys, and best of luck to you!   (Man, we wish WE thought of this!) .  You can hear the interview with them right here.

Move that block 2

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