Thirteen year old, Hart Main of Marysville, Ohio isn't rich yet, but I'm quite confident he will be.  Last fall his sister was selling candles for school. As brothers are apt to do, Hart was making fun of her because the candles were all girly scented, like flowers and lavender. So he said to himself, why not make candles with scents guys would like? And so, his company "Man Cans" was begun.

Hart noticed there wasn't really that many if any candle scents out there designed for men. So he started making candles with scents like, pizza, fresh cut grass, leather baseball mitt, sawdust and bacon. Great idea, I know!  Each candle costs about $2.50 to make and he sells them for $5.oo each.

While he has sold about 500 candles so far, as he gets more and more attention and coverage the orders are backing up on the home front.  I totally recommend you visit his website at   When I did I found myself more and more impressed with Hart as it was clear he wrote most of the website himself, and already has a pretty good idea of the kind of person he wants to be.

I think I am most impressed with one aspect of his company that maybe many people might overlook.  When he started making his candles he used soup cans and recycled paper for the labels.  He clearly feels that recycling is important to him. But what I really love is he buys the soup cans with the soup in them... then donates the actual soup to soup kitchens to feed the homeless.  This kid has every angled covered.  And whether he sells 500 or 5 million candles, he is already rich from the experience.

God Bless.

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