Just this morning, we were talking about Memorial Day weekend and great grilling for backyard BBQs. Brian finds something about grilling relaxing, even when it's for several people. And even when it's at someone else's house.

No matter where he goes, he tends to be the "grill guy." There's nothing better firing up the grill on a warm day, listening to music and having a cold beverage. The sizzle of the meat when it hits the fire gets Brian goin! Grillin, chillin, and feeding hungry guests is his favorite way to spend a lazy afternoon!

This summer, we're thankful that The Great American Turkey Co. products are available locally, because they offer some great grilling alternatives. The pre-portioned turkey cutlets are bathed in chef-created marinades that keep them moist, tender and awesomely delicious. The marinades (Olive Oil & Herbs, Smoky & Sweet Chili, Tomato & Basil) were developed by James Beard Award-winning chefs and “Hall of Famers."

They also have turkey sausages, including Apple Maple, Cheddar and Beer, Smoked Mozzarella and Broccoli Rabe and more. (Chrissy's son, Ryan, particularly loves the Apple Maple flavor!)

Chrissy's family tries to choose turkey as a healthier option than red meat whenever they can, so they're excited to keep some packages from The Great American Turkey Co. on hand this summer for when the grilling mood strikes.

Pro tip: If you end up grilling a little more than your crowd eats, The Great American Turkey Co. has tons of recipe ideas that you could use to make a second meal out of the leftovers, such as an apple maple turkey sausage frittata and a tomato & basil turkey salad with balsamic-shallot herb vinaigrette.

The Great American Turkey Co.
The Great American Turkey Co.

Ready to see how your house likes it? Look for The Great American Turkey Co. at your local Price Chopper or Market 32.

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