Monster Jam is scheduled for this Saturday night at the Times Union Center but it's possible Grave Digger will not be driven by Dennis Anderson!

Dennis was hurt on Saturday night after a stunt went wrong at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa at Monster Jam. Anderson waived to fans after the stunt, so at first things didn’t seem so serious.  But, later in the weekend, it was reported that Anderson was taken to the hospital.

His son posted to Instagram about his father simply saying “he’s getting better.”

Nascar Zone reported Anderson is “fighting for his life” and “bleeding internally.” But no official statements have been issued by Monster Jam’s or Dennis Anderson’s social media accounts.

Adam, Dennis Anderson’s son posted this update on Facebook:

So, do you think Dennis will be able to drive Grave Digger this weekend in Albany?

Everyone here at 'GNA wishes him the best in his recovery!

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