The Governor made his State of the State address on Wednesday and one of the biggest changes that he discussed was happening to the New York State Thruway and he said we should be changed over as early as 2020.

During Governor Cuomo's State of the State address, he proposed eliminating toll booths completely, according to New York Upstate. His idea is to switch to "cashless tolls" that would, in turn, improve travel times. No word on the cost or exactly how these tolls are going to work but they did mention license plate readers. There would be no stopping on any of the 496 stretch of road from New York City to Buffalo

Though I have E-Zpass and love the ease of it, I do always feel bad for the toll workers. When a similar project was started in Massachusetts, more than 400 toll collectors lost their jobs. Though it will most likely improve travel times and end congestion, is that worth the cost of so many people's livelihoods?

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