I hate the part at the end of a job interview when they always ask if you have

any questions for them.  Grrrrrrrrrr!  Sometimes I do, but sometimes I don't.  And if you don't ask anything, you're not hired.  Sooooooo, you ask, "Does the kitchen have a Keurig?"  Dumb.
Well, this might help!
According to experts, there are two questions you should ask that make you sound like you have your act together!  Which could, in turn, help you decide if the job you're applying for is gonna work out!
1.  "What will the company look like in a year?"
If they ask what you mean, just say you're interested in any plans they have with their product, or how they might increase revenue. It makes it seem like you care about what they do.
And if they don't seem like they HAVE a vision, that's good
to know. It's a win/win!  You'll get to hear details of what they've got planned, and they will know that they're new employee actually cares!
2.  "What do I need to accomplish in my first three or four months to make an
Some hiring managers actually have a hard time answering that one, because they don't know what the day to day on the job is like, they're just trying to fill a hole.
But even if that's the case, just planting the idea that you could and would make a big impact at their company could help you land the job.  And if they do have a prepared answer for you, at the very least you'll know exactly what's expected of you if you get the job.
Good Luck!  I hope you get a great new job and make a billion dollars!
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