Yes, you read that correctly. No, the police weren't naked, the women were but based on how crazy this story is, I could see how you would think that.

Can you imagine being a police officer doing what you think is a routine traffic stop but end up on a chase? One step further, the chase is over and you realize the women in the car you've been chasing were completely naked.

I wish we could blame this on being a crazy Florida story. Though it did happen in Florida, these ladies are ours, they're from Upstate NY. What started out as a simple call about three naked women "air-drying" themselves, according to NY Upstate, ended in a wild car chase as the trooper was getting information.

The women drove recklessly, including ending up on the opposite side of the road at one point. Eventually, the trooper followed the car to a convenience store where the driver attempted to drive into the trooper and another passenger got out with a metal bat! Then, they fled again.

They eventually got all three women in custody. When they booked them, they found out they were all between 18-19 years old and from Kingston, NY.

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