Howe Caverns is the second most visited natural attraction in New York behind Niagra Falls. How would you like to tour it "all-natural"?

It's kinda like that cable show "Naked and Afraid" only you're not afraid. You're in a cave. Oh, and someone gives you a bathrobe and an adult beverage. However, you are naked. So it's kinda like that show "Naked and Afraid".

On September 18th you can get naked in Howe Cavern. Why? Well, why not? It's to promote body positivity and to be able to brag to your friends that you got naked with a bunch of people and went, way underground.

The first time they held this event was on July 14th, 2019, which was held in conjunction with International Nudity Day, about 300 people showed up. Last year the naked event was canceled because of Covid, but it's on for this year. The “Naked in a Cave” event is so popular there are only about 50 tickets left. So, if you want to join almost 300 other people ready to explore Howe Caverns in your birthday suit you better hurry.

Almost 300 naked people in a cave. That's a lot of naked people! I don't know, but I just assume it's going to be a sausage-fest or a whole bunch of people that you really don't want to see naked. Of course, I haven't been to the event so I don't know. My advice is to watch where you sit...those Stalagmites can be pointy!

If you're interested in a naked tour of the cave, an adult beverage, and a commemorative robe you'll need to shell out $75.

Oh, and no phones or cameras are allowed ya perv.

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