I think you would agree - one of the most important things we do for Christmas is brighten the holidays for local kids. You can  make a difference by helping us and local police officers provide a unique shopping spree experience for local children. It's GNA's 4th Annual Shop With a Cop event! The goal of Shop with a Cop is to not only buy gifts for less fortunate children who otherwise may not receive, but also to provide a great experience with local police officers.

So how does Shop with a Cop work? A portion of the donated money will be given to officers to take the children to Crossgates Mall to pick out presents, while the rest of the money will be set aside so their parents can purchase presents on behalf of “Santa.”

To make a donation visit any Cap Com location and make a donation to the BLUE FRIDAY-SHOP WITH A COP account, stop the WGNA tent at any upcoming concert or appearance, or send it WGNA at 1241 Kings Road, Schenectady, NY 12303.

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