Chris and Pam Petersen

We always meet great listeners whenever GNA goes out "Live On Location." As we helped promote the Dunkin' Run at the Albany Jewish Community Center, we met Chris and Pam Petersen.

While Chris was participating in the run, Pam took the time to share their special connection to WGNA. In 2003, Pam was looking for love on It was on this dating site that she made a connection with Chris. One of the things that brought them together was their mutual love and appreciation for country music, specifically the music of Lonestar. As fate would have it, it just so happened that Lonestar was headlining WGNA's Countryfest in 2003, and the big show was their first big date!

The two GNA listeners hit it off, and have now been married four years! Congratulations to Chris and Pam, who began their journey 10 years ago at WGNA's Countryfest, headlined by Lonestar.

Now, whenever we hear Lonestar sing "Amazed," we'll be reminded of how a country radio station, a popular country band, and one big country concert changed two lives forever.


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