Schenectady County and city of Schenectady will be receiving more than $4 million dollars in casino profits from the new Rivers Casino And Resort.

Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

The profits are can be used to offset expenses.

The new casino will be built in Schenectady, but Glenville Town Supervisor Chris Koetzle would like to have some of the funds, also go to the town of Glenville. In a story from CBS 6 Albany, he said that “the casino will actually be closer to Glenville than downtown Schenectady”.

He has hopes that the New York State Department Of Transportation will monetarily take care of the expansion of the Freeman’s Bridge Road Bridge, and other traffic issues on Route 50 because of the new casino.

Koetzle doesn’t believe that it’s fair to have to pay additional money for extra police officers that will have to handle some of the possible impacts of the casino and to have Glenville homeowners pick up the tab.

As the building of the casino gets closer, there will be more meetings and discussions about financials and public safety concerns.