The internet can be a great place, but then it can also be a place where people try to scam you out of money. Apparently, there's a scam going around locally that is doing just that - watch out!

The Glens Falls Police Department has received a report that there's a convincing money scam circulating, according to WTEN. A marketer is sending false invoices to area businesses looking for payment. The invoices are looking specifically for a "Saratoga Springs High School Fall Sports Poster" that never existed.

Police are telling all businesses that this is not legitimate. Police have found that the money ends up going to "Sports Media, 1722 Dulaney Valley Rd. #267 Towson, Md. 21204 with a contact number of (888) 441-9584" and not Saratoga Springs High School. The Glens Falls Police Department says that if you've come in contact with one of these invoices, contact them (518) 761-3840. Be careful with who you're giving money to without doing your research.

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