Pets aren't just animals, they're family members so when you're looking of how to spend the rest of eternity, I'm sure you see them by your side. Glens Falls is making sure that's a possibility.

There was never a law that specifically outlawed pets being buried with their owners but Glens Falls City Councilors are proposing a bill that would put it on the books. According to News10, state law has already allowed for it to happen, the city of Glens Falls is just hoping to regulate it.

This new law would state that for a $50 fee, you would be allowed to be buried with your pet's remains as long as you both were buried at the same time in the same plot. I don't understand that if this was a somewhat common practice, why there needs to be more regulations on it. I, personally, have never thought about it. In my opinion, we're all going to spend eternity in a better place, I don't really care so much if my physical form is in the vicinity of my pet or not.

My Mother has always said that she wants our dog Sassy to be buried with her. My last dog was cremated so I don't understand why I'd have to pay $50 to bury a little box with her. On the other hand, if they're talking about a full body of an animal, since they must be buried simultaneously, do you have to keep the body of your pet around until you pass on? It's a strange rule but as long as people are allowed to get their last wishes with their pets, I don't see anything that could be wrong with this.

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