I'm honestly surprised none of my friends have sent me this story yet. I'm the one that's known for loving animals more than people. I mean, I have a cat, dog and a bunny already. If I could have more I totally would. A farm would be my ideal place of setting up home. But alas, I am a radio personality and a farm isn't ideal for the occupation (right now any way.)

So, when I saw that a local rescue farm has an overwhelming amount of goats and they need to get them homes, of course, all of me is screaming, "I WANT A GOAT!" Then the logical, rational thinker of me is saying, "But, Marissa...where will you put a goat?" Ugh...fine.

But, you on the other hand might have the best home for a goat! The MSPCA-Nevins Farm in Methuen received about 50 goats and they need homes stat! Some are nursing and pregnant does.

For more information on how you can help, visit: www.mspca.org