Sadly, they'll be no meaningful football this Christmas for any of the New York teams, even though Giant fans came into the season with reason for optimism. With their loss to the Eagles on Sunday, the New York Giants' modest two game winning streak is over.  Finally, the 3-8 Giants have been put out of their misery and fans can stop talking about 'running the table' and making a push toward the NFL playoffs. The Giants started the season a dreadful 1 and 7.  After their bye week, they came out and beat a terrible 49ers team, then an equally as bad Tampa Bay Bucs team and Giant fans started chirping about winning the remainder of their games, setting up a week 17 showdown with the Dallas Cowboys for a shot to make the playoffs.

Anyone with any football acumen rolled their eyes, but Giant fans still had reason to believe as their star wideout Odell Beckham Jr. made the proclamation that they wouldn't lose another game, shock the world, and make a playoff push.  And then they played a team not named the 49ers or Buccaneers.

The Giants came out against the Eagles today like gangbusters and actually built a 19-3 lead but surrendered a late first half touchdown before ultimately collapsing after halftime and losing 25-22.

The chirping has ceased.  So has their season.



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