Looks like Santa Claus is sending in the reinforcements to make sure everyone is behaving this year.

Or, maybe a great local school official is getting into the spirit of the season. Either way, Capital Region kiddos should be aware that Santa is making a list and checking it twice and his elves are out and about to make sure everyone is being good this year. Let's be honest, after focusing on making toys all year - this is the time Santa is thinking about getting that coal ready for those who have been naughty.

South Glens Falls Principal Gets In the Spirit of the Season

One person who will not be getting coal is this Elf on the Shelf. Based on the comments in the Facebook post above, this is Matthew Conrick, Principal of Tanglewood School in South Glens Falls.

I do not know anything about Mr. Conrick, but based on this photo I can tell he s a pretty awesome Principal and the Tanglewood students are lucky to have him. Anyone who would make an effort to entertain and engage students gets an A+!

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