It is only the beginning of October and holiday gift packs are already starting to appear in stores. The newest is this twelve-days-of-Christmas wine calendar to get you into the season early. I am not mad at hurrying 2020 along, are you? According to, there is another wine calendar out at Sam's Club right now. It is only the end of September, but even the wine calendars are coming out early to hurry along 2020. It's Sam's Club's American Vintners Sweater Collection. But don't call it an advent calendar. It's referred to as a twelve-days-of-Christmas Wine Calendar only sold at Sam's Club.

In the spirit of an advent calendar, this one is designed for you to enjoy a mini bottle of wine for twelve days leading up to Christmas. You can enjoy this holiday box filled with mini twelve bottles. The labels are cute too. The "sweater" in their name refers to the labels. They are each labeled with cute sweaters.

Many people say that the box is already available at their local Sam's Clubs. They say that if you see it, pick it up now before it is gone. It is so early, you may be able to pick up a couple of boxes and make it twelve days until Halloween too. Or get three boxes and get set for twelve days leading up to Thanksgiving. The box will run you about thirty-eight dollars. In any event, make sure you get them soon because calendar lovers say that they will sell out.

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