Thinking about being home with your kids for weeks? Spending too much one-on-one time with your significant other? I have a solution - wine!

While people were out fighting over toilet paper and hand sanitizer, did you get the real essentials? If you didn't, maybe you forgot, no worries, a lot of local businesses have your back.

We want to support our local businesses while they're still paying bills yet being forced to shut down because of the coronavirus. You can buy gift cards to bars and restaurants and for your local alcohol shops, just have them deliver!

  • Empire Wine announced (reminded us) on Facebook that they can deliver wine to your door while we're social distancing
  • Adirondack Winery has now included free shipping on 6 or more bottles of wine to be delivered
  • Exit 9 Wine and Liquor Warehouse isn't just delivering but they're offering door side service. You make your order online before you pick it up without having to get out of your car

Know any other local stores that are making getting wine and liquor easier during this trying time? Let us know!

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