Well I won't say it is in anyway a surprise to me. I knew he was about to hit the road again, but it did surprise me that Garth Brooks actually has set a press conference date for this Thursday at noon on his website to make a special announcement.

During an interview with Robin Roberts six months ago, Garth seemed to just decide at that very moment to end all the rumors and speculation and give Robin, and ABC news quite a scoop!

What we haven't known is any details about the upcoming tour. We will supposedly learn these details Thursday.

I don't know about you, but I cannot WAIT to see this man on a stage again. I know it will be an amazing tour and we can only pray it comes somewhere close to us. How excited are you? Let me know!

Here is the announcement that was on  "Good Morning America."

Tune into the live steam THURSDAY at noon on Garth's Official Website!


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