There is another perk being offered for frontline workers. This time it's the Adirondack Mountain Club who is giving them free membership to enjoy all the Adirondacks have to offer. According to News 10 ABC, the nonprofit group known as the Adirondack Mountain Club announced that it would be offering free ADK memberships to those working on the frontlines during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Adirondack Mountain Club protects state wild areas in and around the Adirondack Mountains. They also promote outdoor activities. The ADK membership will include a digital subscription to their Adirondack magazine, camping and other workshops, parking, discounts on lodging, and parking at the Heart Lake Program Center which is located in the High Peaks Wilderness.

The executive director of the Adirondack Mountain Club says that it is important for the frontline workers to connect with the Adirondacks. It is also an opportunity for them to show their appreciation and thanks for their work. They hope they can utilize the trails and the wilderness to recharge with their family.

Frontline workers are classified by New York state as employees in healthcare, emergency workers, public transportation, and grocery store workers. If you are a frontline worker and interested in the free membership, contact ADK's membership department by emailing them at

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