If you know me, you know my love for Harry Potter, and knowing just how popular the "Wizarding World" is, I just hope this doesn't turn into another Build-a-Bear debacle.

Lego and Barnes & Noble are partnering together to promote their new Hogwarts Lego Set being released in about a month with an event for the kids. This Saturday, August 4th, stop by a participating Barnes & Noble at 2:00PM and your child can build their own Lego Hogwarts Express train to take home.

There are limited quantities and the event will only be at participating Barnes & Noble Stores, plus they're asking for parents looking to bring their children to sign-up ahead of time, according to SimpleMost.

It's a smaller set than Legos' Hogwarts Express kit but a great addition if you intend to buy their upcoming Hogwarts Castle Set, available on September 1st (August 4th for Lego VIP members) for $399.

There is danger in this becoming another Build-a-Bear fiasco so be forewarned but if you're looking for a way to get out of the house this weekend to do something fun with your kids, check out this event. Granted, I didn't see where they defined kid so I have to decide if I have to borrow my cousin's 2-year-old or if they'll accept my inner child for one of these Hogwarts Express trains.

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