A 10-year-old girl took on her first ski jump at Utah Olympic Park. The thing with this is it’s a pretty steep ski jump. This is something she apparently never did before. In a story from ABC News, Zia Taylor worked through her nerves looking down the slope from the top. After a few last minute questions to her instructor, she tells herself that “ok, you can do this. I’m gonna jump.” When she gets to the bottom of the slope, she wants to do it again. I know there are others who have gone down a ski slope like this, but it’s pretty cool that she attached a camera to her helmet and recorded it. The result was a viral video on You Tube.

I don’t mind heights, and I don’t ski, but when you see what it looks like from the top as you look down, you can only imagine what this little girl was feeling. It reminds of the first time I went snow tubing. After the first time, you might say that it was all down hill. I consider her one  brave little girl.

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