From Liberty Ridge to Ellms family farm, corn mazes can be fun for the whole family or a night of haunts if you're hanging out with your friends.   Imagine leaving a corn maze and realizing that you have one less person than you started with.  Now, imagine it's your 3 year old who never came back home with you.  That would never happen, right?  Sadly, it did.

This story boggles the mind.  A 3 year old toddler was left overnight Monday at the Crazy Corn Maze in West Jordan, Utah.  Police were called to the scene, and after failing to find the boy’s mother or learn his identity, he was put in the safe-keeping of the Utah Division of Child and Family Services overnight. According to the Salt Lake Tribune, the boy was left by his family and it wasn't until the next morning after 7am that the mother realized the little boy was missing.  Thank God for good Samaritans, and thank God the little boy appears to be ok.

How the boy’s absence went unnoticed by his mother for so long, is anyone's guess.  Speculation is that it was a large family with multiple children.  Police issued no citations and the incident had been turned over to DCFS for investigation.

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