The 'All Summer Long' singer has growing support from career politicians for a potential Senate run in 2018.

Ever since Kid Rock floated out that he may run for office in 2018 in his home state of Michigan, it has been an interesting story to say the least. Even he doesn't know if he will actually do it, but he is testing the waters to see if it is something he wants to pursue.

And now, his potential run is building support from those who have served in politics, including former New York Governor George Pataki. NYUP is reporting Pataki likes the idea of 'non-traditional' candidates running for office and tweeted he's '...exactly the kind of candidate' the Republican party needs right now.

NYUP says Pataki pointed out crossing over from entertainment has worked for others like Ronald Reagan.

Would you vote for Kid Rock if he was running here in New York? It will be interesting to see how this plays out.  But here is one thing you can count on: he'll use his own songs at campaign rallies and speeches, and won't have any issues with artists telling him he can't use their songs!



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