This is one of those "I knew him when" stories.  I got a phone call from an old friend from my old piano bar playing days-Antonio Commisso. Antonio and his nephew Cosmio Crupi ran a very famous downtown Albany hangout called "Anthony's Park Plaza".    Little did I know that in between running the restaurant and talking to the local politicos, he must have been secretly writing down ideas  on cocktail napkins for his first novel.


It's called "Silent Partner", and although I am a very infrequent reader due to my insane hours, I honestly got 3/4 of the way thru this one, and I have to say  that it kept my attention immediately.  Very easy reading, and a great plot .  In fact, it struck a chord with me, as it refers to a man and his involvement with his father's family business.  (I was asked to take over my father's private investigation bureau, but I somehow didn't think it was a good fit!)

But back to Antonio- I really wanted him to speak in his own words about this, so we chatted on the phone right after the show today, and I would love you to hear this.




If you'd like a copy, you can pick it up, as it says in the interview right on, or at   If you'd like more about the author, there was a write-up in the Saratogian newspaper as well.  Let's get this sucker where it belongs, on the NY Times Best Seller list!   Best of luck, Tony!