Last week was fun when I discovered a brand new store was coming to town. Not only a new store but a new home decorating store! I actually thought at one time, in between radio gigs that maybe an interior design type of job could be for me and honestly, it still could be at some point in my life. I was always that kid that was constantly rearranging my bedroom.

Now that I have my own home, I constantly have ideas, however sometimes, okay, a lot of times it can be hard to find what I'm looking for. But, after I went into the At Home store for the first time yesterday I think that's no longer going to be an issue.

I went in with a specific idea of what I wanted: a bench for the end of my bed. See, I recently did some updates in my bedroom which included a new floor and some serious rearranging so I thought it best to stick with one room in mind. Little did I know going in that I was actually be completely overwhelmed!

In my defense, I had really no idea what to expect but imagine you've taken the home sections of TJ Maxx and Marshalls, mixed it with Home Goods and then threw everything in from Hobby Lobby. Can you picture it? Yeah, it's nuts, right? So cool though. I really did have so many ideas in mind when I left, but it felt like when you leave Target empty handed and you're wondering if something is wrong with you. My plan is to go back asap when I have more than say, 30 minutes to explore.

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