Yesterday on the Sean & Richie Show we talked about five presents to get for people you really don't like and why they were somewhat insulting. So if you're looking for the gift for that special someone you want to hit with a crow bar here you go.

#1.)  A Self-Help Book. If you want to be REALLY mean, make it a diet book, and pair it with a work-out video.  Now of course the act of helping someone improve their life is nice but as a Christmas present? Bad form.

#2.)  Anything That Removes Hair: A nose-hair trimmer is offensive for a man or a woman.  You're pretty much saying you're a hairy beast and we all know those things are uncomfortable.

#3.)  A Book You Read in Junior High School: This one's a little less obvious.  This almost seems nice but you're pretty much saying they're not smart enough to read anything above an childhood level.

#4.)  A Subscription to a Dating Website: Websites like eHarmony let you buy gift cards.Think about it though you're saying "Hey you cast a wider net and maybe you won't die alone".

#5.)  A Bad Magazine Subscription"Cat Fancy" is good if they don't have a cat.  Or even better if it's a single woman, go with a wedding magazine and a note that says, "I have a feeling this is your year!"

Listen to what we had to say here.


Just because here's the Epilady commercial. lol


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