Not long ago, I did a blog about some Albany area places that I used to go to to eat that have disappeared.

Fuller Roadhouse Formerly The Claredon

A few other people mentioned some more places that used to be in our area. I’m sure there are many more. Some of them have been gone for quite some time. We used to really like them. I know that there will be some people who didn’t like them, but they are part of our memories.


5) Valle’s Steak House

Valle’s was on Central Avenue in Colonie. My dad would take the whole family there every now and then as a treat to go to a nice restaurant. Bryant And Stratton College is in that building now.

4) Claredon restaurant

This was a really good Italian restaurant on Fuller Road in Colonie. If I remember, you would walk in and either take the door to the restaurant, or the door to the bar. Currently it's the home of the Fuller Roadhouse.

3) Clay’s Fish Fry

Clay’s was a competitor to Bob And Ron’s and Ted’s Fish Fry. Clay’s was on Sand Creek Road near Wolf Road. It reopened a few years ago for a short time. The building has been torn down.

2) Papa’s Tavern

Papa’s was a fixture on New Scotland Avenue in Albany, for myself and a few of my friends. I’m a little partial to this one, because I used to DJ in the bar area every other weekend. (I called it the “Saturday Night Zoo At Papa’s” - This one could be a blog in itself) There was a restaurant in there, too. They always had good food. Papa’s is now Valentine’s.

1) Pizza Nook

Pizza Nook was on the corner of Central Avenue and Osborne Road, in Colonie. One of my favorite pizza places. Pizza Central is in the building, now. There is a new Pizza Nook in Malta. I don’t think it’s operated by the same people.


I have a feeling that I have brought to mind some more places that you used to go to that are no longer around, and bringing up some very good memories about them them.

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