Over the last few years, there have been these changes to many Albany area intersections called roundabouts. In some other states, especially New England, they have rotaries. I believe they're the same thing, just a different name. The roundabouts are supposed to keep traffic flowing a little more smoothly than traffic signals, and help cause fewer accidents.

The New York State Department Of Transportation has a website that has all kinds of information about the roundabouts. There's also a list of roundabouts throughout New York State.

Here's my list of where the roundabouts are:

1) Latham Circle

The first traffic circle roundabout of the area.

2)Voorheesville Roundabout

This roundabout is a fairly small one.

3) Fuller Road Near SUNY Albany


Get ready. There's one more roundabout coming just north of this one.

4) Rotterdam roundabout


I didn't think this intersection was too bad with the traffic lights.

5) Valatie Roundabout

I think it makes this small town seem a little bit bigger.

Generally, I don't mind them. It just took a little getting used to. How do feel about the roundabouts?