Anyone who has ever driven by the Tobin's First Prize building off of Everett Road knows that it is a huge eyesore. Now four years after plans were released for redevelopment, it looks as if demolition could begin soon. According to the Albany Business Review, Tobin's First Prize meatpacking plant should be demolished and redevelopment should start soon. There was a loan approved by Pioneer Bank for fourteen point four million dollars for the demolition and the clean-up of the area in West Albany that has had housed that vacant eyesore.

Back in 2016, a company drew up plans to convert the entire thirty-two acres into shopping, entertainment, and urban-style apartments which would be a total of two million square feet. But because of the pandemic, they may be changing up the plans.

The company that is doing the redeveloping says that they will likely build more apartments on the property where the First Prize building sits. They will also be non-residential amenities built on the property as well.

The demolition and environmental clean-up of the property should be completed by the end of this year and they are hoping to start building in the early part of 2022. The property is on the border of Albany and Colonie so there are a dual zoning and planning board overseeing the entire project.

The Tobin's First Prize building was used as a meatpacking plant and a slaughterhouse by the Tobin Packing Company and closed back in 1981.

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