The first step towards adding another area code to the 518 starts in just over a week!

That's right. The 838 will be joining 518 as a Capital Region area code September 19th, and the first step to that addition starts March 18th, according to

Starting one week from Saturday, you will be able to start dialing local numbers with the full 10 digit phone number, area code and all.  This will be a way for residents to get used to having to dial the area code. For the time being you will still be able to just dial the standard 7 digit number. But says that will change August 19th when all calls within the 518 will require the 10 digit number.

Who knew adjusting to a new area code could be so complicated? But I guess you can keep things simple moving forward and just reprogram all the local numbers in your phone to include '518' starting on March 18!

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