My wife, Dorrie  and I had a unique opportunity. We were invited by the President of First National Bank Of Scotia, John Buhrmaster,  to a special screening recently of the new "A Place Beyond The Pines" movie.  We got to see the stars too - in person.  The local ones, I mean! 

First of all, have you seen this movie yet?  It's a great film shot exclusively in the Schenectady area  starring  Bradley Cooper, Evan Mendes and Ryan Gosling.  We were invited to this screening that was strictly for the employees and families of First National Bank Of Scotia, and we were very grateful to John Buhrmaster and Sandy Collins for the invite.

Screen Shot Dorrie Richie Place Beyond Pines

It's a film centered around bank robberies, but of course you need people in the movie to rob, right?  That's where some of the extras came in.

Screen Shot Place Beyond the Pines cast

Back: Jarrett Lykins, Robert Dieterich, Cynthia Pelletier Sullivan, Mac Trainor, Tracy Agustin, Jennifer Buhrmaster, Jessica Goodspeed.  Front-   Nancy Harrigan, Ken Swain, Teresa Freeman.  (not pictured, John Hoffman) 

Some were bank tellers and officers in the flick, others were in crowd scenes.  Actually, I was pleasantly surprised to see our very own political icon, Senator Hugh Farley make a cameo as well.  What a great job they all did!

Here's a trailer for the movie in case you want to get a better idea of what it's about

I see the movie is at Colonie Center as of this writing.  Go check it out.  So many local Schenectady scenes and references, not to mention the familiar faces that you may have seen just by walking into the First National Bank Of Scotia! 

Again, thanks to John Buhrmaster for the gratious invite and to  Marketing Director Karen Ballester for the hospitality that evening as well .





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